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News > CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil - What’s the Difference?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil - What’s the Difference?

Wed, May 13, 2020 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil - What’s the Difference?

You know how a circle is a shape...but a shape isn’t necessarily a circle?

It’s kind of the same with CBD oil and hemp oil. 

CBD oil is a type of hemp oil...but hemp oil isn’t necessarily CBD oil. 

And this distinction is subtle enough that it’s caused some confusion. Some people oversimplify things and say CBD oil = good and hemp oil = bad; others try to pass off regular hemp oil as CBD and market it dishonestly. 

The truth, however, lies somewhere in the middle.

  1. The many types of hemp oil
  2. CBD oil vs hemp oil: the similarities
  3. CBD oil vs hemp oil: the differences
  4. The best type of hemp oil for total health
  5. Combining hemp oil and CBD

The Many Types of Hemp Oil

The definition of hemp oil is actually pretty simple. Hemp oil is any type of oil either pressed or otherwise extracted from any part of hemp. Hemp’s seeds, stalks, and flowers all contain slightly different types of oils. Even a hemp-derived essential oil would be considered a type of hemp oil, technically speaking. 

There are two major types of hemp oil: CBD oil, and hempseed oil. CBD oil comes from hemp’s most resinous flowers, while hemp oil (surprise surprise) comes from hemp’s seeds. 

And here’s the thing: both types of oil are super healthy, and both types of oil could benefit your health, wellness, and general life.  

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: The Similarities

Indeed, CBD oil and hempseed oil have a lot of similarities. Both of them:

  1. Contain health fatty acids, including omega 3, 6, and 9
  2. May be rich in trace nutrients, including chlorophyll
  3. May ‘feed’ the endocannabinoid system
  4. May improve body composition
  5. May promote joint health
  6. May be great for the skin

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: The Differences

Even with all its benefits, hemp oil misses out in a few major ways. For one, it contains low-to-no cannabinoids and terpenes! And that means it simply can’t directly activate the endocannabinoid system. Only CBD oil contains hemp’s most active ingredients, including:

  • Cannabinoids
    • CBD
    • CBDa
    • THC
    • THCa
    • CBDv
    • THCv
    • CBG
    • CBN
    • CBC
  • Terpenes
    • Myrcene
    • Pinene
    • Guaiol
    • Beta-caryophyllene
    • Limonene
    • Linalool
  • Flavones
    • Cannflavin A
    • Cannflavin B

All told, hemp contains over 400 beneficial compounds. Some researchers have called it a “pharmacological treasure trove” — and rightfully so!  

The Best Type of Hemp Oil for Total Health

While both hempseed oil and CBD oil have their strong points, those who want the most direct boost to their health should probably opt for CBD oil. 

Why? Because its cannabinoids and terpenes activate the endocannabinoid system more efficiently than perhaps any other natural product, conferring plenty of inner balance as they do. CBD oil even interacts with the physiological systems responsible for serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. These secondary targets are thought to explain CBD’s calming properties...and its innate neuroprotection. 

One more thing: unlike hemp oil, CBD may directly boost your body’s levels of endocannabinoids like anandamide, the “bliss molecule.” Higher anandamide levels have been correlated with a stabler mood, more flexible thinking, a better sense of well-being, and improved sociability. It isn’t called the bliss molecule for nothing. 

Combining Hemp Seed Oil and CBD

We don’t mean to be too dualistic in our comparisons of hemp seed oil and CBD oil, however. If you’re wondering which to take, don’t sweat it; your choice doesn’t need to be an either-or thing. 

Funnily enough, some CBD oil products actually feature both types of hemp oil. That’s because CBD oils are composed of an active component — a CBD concentrate — and an inactive one, called a carrier oil. Some CBD products use hempseed oil as their carrier, meaning they contain them both!   

And even if your CBD oil of choice doesn’t include any hempseed oil, the stuff makes a great salad dressing.

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