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News > Hemp Gummies or THC Gummies - What's the Difference?

Hemp Gummies or THC Gummies - What's the Difference?

Wed, Jun 15, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hemp Gummies or THC Gummies - What's the Difference?

The world of cannabis and hemp keeps getting more diverse. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, a new type of product hits the market!

In this case, the new product is the cannabinoid-infused gummy.

And, as always, with a new product comes new questions. What is a hemp-infused gummy? What's a THC gummy? What's the difference? Is there a difference?

If all this seems confusing, don't be daunted. We’ll be keeping things simple in the paragraph to follow.

  • Hemp gummies 101
  • THC gummies 101
  • What to look for in a premium hemp gummy 
  • What are fiveTM’s Gummies considered?

Hemp gummies 101

You probably already know what hemp is but we'll briefly revisit the topic anyways. Hemp is an annually flowering plant in the cannabaceae plant family. It's what you might call a direct relative to cannabis, and what you might call an indirect relative to hops. (Yes, the same hops that go into your favorite beer.)

But hemp sets itself apart from most other plants in several ways. For one, almost no other plant produces just as much CBD as it does. Hemp is also unique because of the sheer variety of active compounds it contains. There are a lot of medicinal plants and herbs out there, but not many of them contain hundreds of beneficial compounds spanning four major plant compound categories. [1]

All this context aside, a hemp gummy is exactly what you think it is: a gummy infused with hemp. 

What part of hemp, you may ask? Well, the term doesn't really specify, which is one of the problems with it. Technically speaking "hemp gummy" could refer to a hemp-derived CBD gummy, or a hemp-derived THC gummy, or a hemp-derived terpene gummy, or a hemp-derived essential fatty acid gummy…we think you get the point.

Usually, however, the term hemp gummy refers to a hemp-drived CBD gummy. While THC gummies can also be derived from hemp, most of them are derived from conventional cannabis. More on that next.

THC gummies 101

The term ‘THC gummy’ is probably even more self-explanatory than the term hemp gummy. Most THC gummies available on the market today are derived from specifically bred cannabis plants. Most of these gummies contain large amounts of THC — which means they're likely to get you quite uplifted. 

Because of the way they're processed, THC gummies also tend to be high in other cannabis-derived compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and even flavonoids. 

What to look for in a premium hemp gummy 

Don't let the apparent duality of the sections above fool you — there's one type of hemp gummy that might just provide the best of both worlds. 

Known as the full spectrum CBD gummy, this type of gummy actually contains both hemp-derived CBD and hemp-derived THC. True to the nature of the hemp plant, these gummies will contain larger amounts of CBD and much smaller amounts of THC. In our opinion, gummies like this are the very best type of hemp-derived gummies. They’re uplifting…but not intoxicating, enjoyable…but not overpowering!

But CBD and THC aren't the only two things you should look for in a hemp gummy. It's also important to opt for a gummy that's truly full spectrum in terms of its active ingredient profile. As we mentioned above, hemp contains hundreds of active ingredients — and the best hemp-draft gummies will contain many of them. 

And bonus points for gummies that contain all-natural ingredients.  Be sure to stay away from gummies that contain synthetic colors or fillers.

What are fiveTM’s Gummies considered?

You could accurately call our Gummies hemp gummies, THC gummies, or CBD gummies. After all, they come from hemp and contain both THC and CBD!

And the good news doesn't stop there. fiveTM‘s CBD Gummies contain their CBD and THC within the context of a true-to-nature 5:1 blend, they’re also unusually rich in trace cannabinoids (like CBC and CBG) and terpenes. 

Summing things up

It turns out that “hemp gummy” is a sort of umbrella term. Premium hemp gummies contain a blend of CBD and THC that stays true to their namesake plant — and the very best hemp gummies contain these incredible compounds in a 100% natural 5:1 ratio. Try hemp gummies out for yourself if you haven’t already. They make feeling better fun!

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