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News > Types of Delta 8 THC — Gummies, Vapes, Flowers

Types of Delta 8 THC — Gummies, Vapes, Flowers

Mon, Oct 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Types of Delta 8 THC — Gummies, Vapes, Flowers

Are you looking for a new way to experience hemp’s power?

If so, look no further than delta-8, a newly popular cannabinoid that’s been making big waves in the industry. 

And delta-8 products just keep getting better and better. Stay tuned, because we’ll be reviewing three of the best of them in this article! 

  • Top delta-8 products
  • Delta-8 gummies
  • Delta-8 flowers
  • Delta-8 vapes

Top delta-8 products

Like virtually any other cannabinoid, delta-8 THC can be taken in a variety of ways. A growing number of delta-8 manufacturers are producing all sorts of delta-8 products, including, gummies, flower, vape pens, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and more. 

We’ll stay focused on the best of the best D-8 products for now, though — delta-8 gummies, delta-8 hemp flower, and delta-8 vape pens.  

Delta-8 gummies

Hemp-derived gummies have come a long way in recent years. In the past consumers only had two choices when it came to these types of gummies...and neither were that great. 

  • Option 1: butane-extracted CBD gummies (strong, but prone to contamination)
  • Option 2: CO2-extracted CBD gummies (pure, but lacking in power and terpenes)

We’re thankful to report that today’s hemp enthusiasts have a far better option: delta-8-infused gummies. These gummies offer consumers the power of ‘regular’ THC...and the purity of regular CBD. They basically provide the best of both worlds! 

Where to find premium D-8 gummies

Our Delta-8 Gummies feature D-8 in a truly premium format. They’re vegan, all-natural, and derived from federal-compliant industrial hemp. And while they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, they’re packed with the highest amount of delta-8 THC allowable by law: 10 milligrams per gummy!

Where to find starter-strength CBD gummies

As much as our customers love our delta-8 gummies, we realize that not everyone needs such a strong option. That’s where our Daily Buzz Gummies come in. These gummies go above and beyond your typical full spectrum CBD product — they contain a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC and up to six times the minor cannabinoids of other brands.

Delta-8 THC flower

Delta-8 THC flower provides a truly immersive experience. Experts call it a ‘lite’ version of regular cannabis, and it’s true: delta-8 flower really does provide a lighter, more manageable high. 

Delta-8 flower is also perfect for those who need to unwind without also unraveling their productivity.  Studies show that delta-8 may improve your working memory, not hinder it, and it certainly doesn’t cause couch-lock. Even the National Cancer Institute acknowledges that D-8 has several beneficial properties. [1][2]

If we had to describe delta-8 flower in one word, we’d say it’s fun! Not only that, but it’s also impressively free from harsh side effects.  New users don’t have to fear the downsides of normal THC use if they stick with this special cannabinoid. 

Delta-8 vapes

Tinctures might be powerful, and gummies might be fun, but vapes are perhaps the most effective D-8 delivery method of all. Vaporizing delta-8 THC or other cannabinoids results in several distinctive benefits:

  • Reduced carcinogen production
  • Improved bioavailability
  • More stable mood

Reduced carcinogen production

Research has shown time and time again that smoke is inherently harmful to the lungs. And while cannabis smoke’s harms are counterbalanced by its terpenes — creating a net neutral effect — there’s still an even better option. 


And that option, of course, is vaping. The research shows that vaping is safer than smoking, especially when said vapes are kept to a low heat setting. Vape pens “should be carefully designed to minimize potential overheating,” explains a 2016 study. Optimal vape settings are thought to be in the 320-356° Fahrenheit range. When you go above 41 degrees, the polyethylene glycol present in many vapes can begin to convert to toxic substances...not good! [3]

Improved bioavailability

Vapes are both simple and effective when it comes to optimizing your dosing. If you go through a 500-milligram vape cartridge each week, you know that you’re getting roughly 71 milligrams of cannabinoids a day! 

And these cannabinoids are getting put to good use from the very moment they’re inhaled. Studies show that the bioavailability of cannabis vapes can go as high as 60 percent — far higher than other popular delivery methods. Inhaling more slowly and deeply may boost absorption even higher. [4]

More stable mood

Vaping is a great way to ensure the cannabinoids you’re ingesting aren’t prematurely broken down in your liver. In other words, vapes kick in fast...and improve mood as they do. Vapes are one of the few CBD/THC/D-8 THC products that can be dosed entirely by feel. Expect effects to peak roughly 15 minutes post inhalation and persist for up to 3-5 hours after. [5]

Where to find premium D-8 vape pens

As great as delta-8 vape pens can be, they’re not all created equal. Some vapes contain subpar distillate that may be laced with mold or residual solvents. When heated up (i.e, vaped), these contaminants can convert to even more harmful substances. 

Before you buy a delta-8 THC vape, be sure to check its quality. Is the product in question third-party lab tested? Is it made in the US from American hemp? Is it all-natural or certified organic? Does it have good reviews? These are all things to consider. 

Summing things up

Delta-8 is an amazing cannabinoid that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Feel free to start slow with something like five™’s Gummies. You can always progress to stronger, faster-acting products as time goes on! 


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