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News > Understanding the Difference in CBD Strengths

Understanding the Difference in CBD Strengths

Tue, Sep 08, 2020 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Understanding the Difference in CBD Strengths

If you’re as health-conscious as we think you are, you probably know all about the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body should be getting each day. It’s actually pretty easy to ensure you hit all your RDA’s (recommended daily allowances), thanks to the fact that nearly everything comes with a nutrition facts panel.

All your RDA’s, that is, except for CBD’s. 

Actually, that’s the problem...there is no RDA for CBD! Not yet, at least. And that makes determining normally simple things — like how much CBD you should be taking, or how much CBD is in your product of choice — a little less simple. 

If you’re wondering how to make sense of your CBD product’s strength (or maybe just make sense of its label in general), this article is designed to help. 

  • CBD Labeling 101
  • Calculating CBD Strength
  • Finding the Right CBD Strength For You  

CBD Labeling 101

Before diving deep into how to determine your CBD product’s strength, let’s start with a little context. 

The average CBD label has a few different parts. First is a simple description; virtually all premium CBD products will have one, and it often lists both the product’s strength and its total volume. 

Turn your CBD product of choice around to its nutrition panel and you’ll see a more in-depth take on this info. Important: the values on this panel should line up with the values on the front of the label. (More on this coming soon!)

The back of your product’s label should also feature an ingredients list and other important metrics; if your product is certified organic, then that will probably be listed here. 

Calculating CBD Strength

OK, all that established, let’s take a closer look at your CBD product’s strength!

In the CBD world, strength refers to a combination of your product’s total CBD content and its volume — it basically equates to concentration. 

As an example, let’s look at our ultra-strong 6,000mg CBD Tincture:

6000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Tincture

Its total CBD content, as you might expect, is 6,000mg. And its total volume, which you can also see on the front of the label, is 2 ounces, or 60 mL. What’s the strength (aka. concentration) of this product? Let’s see:

  • Strength = CBD Content / Total Volume
  • Strength = 6,000 milligrams of CBD / 60 mL
  • Strength = 100mg/mL

100mg/mL — that’s super strong, and means that every 1mL dropper of this product will contain one hundred milligrams of CBD. Many of you reading this won’t even need that much! But more on that concept next...

Finding the Right CBD Strength For You

Dialing in your CBD strength is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is look at how much CBD you need per day. 

Let’s say you do best when you are taking 50 milligrams of CBD per day (this type of dosing requirement is actually pretty common). Take a glance at our CBD capsules and you’ll know that they contain 25 milligrams of CBD each, which means getting your CBD “RDA” is as simple as taking two caps. Our 1,500 mg tincture would also a perfect fit — do some math like we did above and you’ll see it contains 50 milligrams per dose. Perfect! 

At Five CBD, we’re committed to making CBD simple, all the way down to how we label our products. Let us know if you need any additional help finding the correct product strength for you!  

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