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News > Vegan CBD & THC Products - What Makes Them Vegan?

Vegan CBD & THC Products - What Makes Them Vegan?

Fri, Aug 12, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Vegan CBD & THC Products - What Makes Them Vegan?

At first glance you might think that all CBD and THC products are vegan. 

After all, these products clearly come from a plant, and plants are vegan.. right?

It turns out things aren't always that simple. Keep reading to learn more.

  • CBD and THC products that are almost always vegan
  • CBD and THC products that may not be vegan
  • Why 100% of our products are 100% vegan-friendly

CBD and THC products that are almost always vegan

Let's start off by looking at a few types of pet products that are almost always vegan.

Actually, let's start off with something even more basic — what veganism is in the first place:

  • An omnivore needs plants, plant products, animals, and animal products.
  • A vegetarian eats plants, plant products, and animal products
  • A vegan eats plants, plant products, and no animal products of any sort

Simple enough, right? Most CBD and THC products are entirely vegan — which isn't so surprising, given that they're derived from plants and all. The simplest CBD and THC products are usually the safest. CBD oil, for example, typically contains just two parts: an active extract and an inactive carrier oil. The extract will always be vegan; the carrier oil will almost always follow suite. Top vegan-friendly offerings include:

In addition to CBD + THC oils, most CBD + THC topicals are also vegan approved. It's pretty rare to find a topical product that uses animal-derived ingredients. There are just so many plant-based skincare superstars out there — jojoba oil shea butter, manuka honey, and so many more — that it doesn't make sense to throw animal products into the mix. (A possible exception to this rule might be beef tallow, but that's a topic for another day.)

CBD and THC products that may not be vegan

While the products above are a pretty sure bet for all of you plant-based eaters out there, the products that follow can be hit or miss.

  • CBD + THC edibles
  • CBD + THC gummies
  • Full spectrum CBD + THC capsules

It's easy enough to infer why CBD + THC edibles might not be vegan friendly. These edibles are apt to contain all the same ingredients that ‘regular’ foods do, including butter, eggs, and a whole host of other not-so-vegan substances.

In fact, there's not even any guarantee that CBD + THC edibles are healthy! Some less-than-reputable brands put all sorts of additives into their hemp-drived edibles, including artificial colors, artificial flavors, rancid baking oils, and processed sugar. Considering that these substances activate the very same inflammatory pathways that CBD is supposed to be fighting against, that doesn't make any sense at all! [1

It's much less obvious why CBD + THC capsules may not be vegan. After all, don't these capsules contain the very same full spectrum CBD oil that got the green light above?

Yes — but that's not all they contain. More than a few companies produce their capsules by infusing CBD and or THC into a gelatinous cap. (Hint: a cap that contains animal gelatin.)

And then there are CBD +THC gummies. Of all the products we've talked about so far, gummies might just be the very most likely product to not be vegan. Many gummies contain a significant amount of the same animal-based gelatin that's present in gel caps.

Why 100% of our products are 100% vegan friendly

At five TM CBD we believe in the power of plants — and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. That's why every single one of our products is 100% vegan-friendly, 100% cruelty-free, and 100% natural. Discover the difference that plant power can make today.

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