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News > What Are The Best Ways To Take Delta 8 THC?

What Are The Best Ways To Take Delta 8 THC?

Mon, Nov 15, 2021 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

What Are The Best Ways To Take Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC may be awesome and all, but the results you get from this special cannabinoid will largely be determined by the types of products you’re taking. 

Two of our favorite ways to take delta-8 THC are via gummies and vape pens. Keep reading to learn why. 

  • Delta-8 THC 101
  • Delta-8 THC’s one major weakness
  • Delta-8 Gummies
  • Delta-8 Vapes

Delta-8 THC 101

Research hints that taking any type of delta-8 product — so long as it’s high-quality — may allow a person to tap into all sorts of health benefits. 

You can think of delta-8 THC as a cannabinoid that offers the best of both worlds. It merges THC’s uplifting qualities with CBD’s balancing qualities. The sum of these two parts is balanced, refined bliss! Studies show why delta-8 THC acts so comprehensively: it’s able to bind to both of your body’s major endocannabinoid receptors. [1]

  • Type-1 endocannabinoid receptors (the same ones THC binds to) 
  • Type-2 endocannabinoid receptors (the same ones CBD binds to) 
  • Endovanilloid receptors (these ones detect pain and heat)

The fact that delta-8 THC binds to this receptor trifecta means it doesn’t have the same side effects as regular THC. It’s unlikely to cause forgetfulness, increase appetite, or reduce cognitive function. [2][3

In fact, delta-8 THC intake may also lead to:

  • Better-regulated appetite (fewer hunger pangs!) 
  • More flexible, creative thinking 
  • A deeper sense of relaxation 

Delta-8 THC’s one major weakness

As great as delta-8 THC may be, it suffers from the same potential downside as practically every other cannabinoid: it’s not always absorbed all that well. 

Most of the delta-8 you consume, for example, goes straight to your liver prior to getting released in the bloodstream. It takes 60 minutes for serum D-8 levels to peak — and by then, the liver has converted some of it into less potent metabolites. Only 10-35% of the delta-8 THC you ingest gets fully absorbed.  [4

Now for some good news: there are ways to avoid this bioavailability issue. The first thing you can try is taking D-8 at the same time you eat a fatty meal (dishes rich in butter, ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil are all good choices). Delta-8 THC is fat-soluble, which means that it can essentially disperse itself into any other fat source present. This dispersion may increase the surface area D-8 can work within. 

Let’s face it, though...not all of us have the time to sync up our delta-8 THC usage with cheddar omelets or avocado toast! Thankfully there’s another way to boost delta-8’s absorption — and this one is far more convenient. Vaporizing and inhaling D-8 allows it to bypass the liver and absorb straight through the lungs. More on that next.  

Delta-8 Vapes

Delta-8 vapes: the pros

If relaxation and good vibes are what you’re after, delta-8 THC vapes might be the perfect choice. Ours combine pure D8 with cannabis-derived terpenes to tap into some all-natural synergy. Each vape pen contains 1000 milligrams of delta-8 distillate — and absolutely no PG, VG, or vitamin E acetate. And despite being a disposal vape product, users say that these pens have a durable, high-quality feel. 

  • Fast-acting
  • Easy to dose by feel
  • Ultra-pure, ultra-premium
  • Completely additive-free

Delta-8 vapes: the reviews

  • “This is the best pen I’ve ever tried! Hits so smooth and gets me the perfect high. 10/10 would recommend.”
  • “[...] Yes, this is real D8 and it’s awesome. For those that have tried D8 before, this pen will meet or exceed their expectations. But now for the incredible part — I can’t believe this is a disposable vape! This pulls nicer than a normal cartridge and battery.”

Delta-8 Gummies

Delta-8 gummies: the pros

If you thought gummy supplements were just for kids...it could be time for a change of heart. Our D-8 gummies are strictly for adults, though the high-vibing upliftment they instill might just have you feeling like a kid again! These award-winning gummies contain 25 milligrams of pure delta-8 each. (If you’re new to D-8, you may want to divide your gummies into quarters.) Each bottle is multiflavored, making it easy to stave off boredom.

  • Timed-released
  • Sustained effects
  • Pure ingredients
  • Ultra-pure, ultra-premium

Delta-8 gummies: the reviews

  • “I’ve had trouble sleeping for YEARS. Now I can finally fall asleep and stay asleep with Five’s CBD + THC gummies (2mg). It’s the perfect amount to help calm [me] down and fall asleep without feeling high. No grogginess or anything. Just great sleep. Highly recommend!”
  • “I have ordered from here several times, and I am never disappointed! The sleep gummies are absolutely perfect. My boyfriend doesn't smoke, but has the hardest time sleeping, [and] these help him greatly! [...] 10 out of 10 product and company!”

Summing things up

Delta-8 vapes and gummies are among the very best ways to enjoy this unique cannabinoid. 

At five™ CBD we’ve done our best to bring you the purest (and most fun) vapes and gummies on the market. Which type of product you choose is up to you — regardless, we think you’ll enjoy the refined uplift that D-8 provides. 


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