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News > Will CBD Oil Go Bad or Expire?

Will CBD Oil Go Bad or Expire?

Thu, Mar 10, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Will CBD Oil Go Bad or Expire?

Are you wondering if your bottle of CBD oil is still good? 

Maybe you bought too many CBD products last time you visited our website…or maybe you just had a bottle stashed away in your purse and forgot about it for a couple of months.

Regardless of your reason for wondering, we’re here to shed some light on this important topic. 

The short answer is yes — CBD oil can go bad/expire. But the longer, more hopeful answer is that CBD oil lasts far longer than most other wellness products. Keep reading to learn more. 

  • What is the shelf-life of CBD oil?
  • What factors affect CBD’s shelf life?
  • Is your CBD oil still good? Here’s how to tell
  • How to find your product’s expiration date
  • How to get your CBD oil to last longer

What is the shelf-life of CBD oil?

CBD stands out from other health/wellness products in several ways. It’s more versatile than vitamin C…more gentle than adaptogens…more affordable than workout-enhancers. And here’s the kicker: it’s also longer-lasting than them all. 

Why’s that? Because the terpenoids and flavonoids present in truly full spectrum products act as natural antioxidants that preserve the product that contains them. The CBD and THC within full spectrum CBD oil are actually classified as antioxidants, too. Even the fatty MCT oil base of our CBD oil has antimicrobial properties! 

All in all it’s a recipe for shelf-life success. Most experts agree that premium CBD oil can last anywhere from 14 to 24 months. [1] Use your product within 12 months if you want things to stay as fresh as possible. 

What factors affect CBD oil’s shelf life?

Good question! As we hinted above, the MCT oil present in our CBD oil may extend its shelf life due to its antimicrobial properties. Let’s take a deeper look at how that works next. 

CBD itself is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it mixes into fatty acids but doesn’t mix into water. For this reason it makes sense to infuse CBD into a healthy fat source — at least if we’re talking about CBD oils/tinctures.  

And the most stable fat source of all is actually a highly saturated fat derived from coconut oil. Called MCT oil, this fat’s structure is so saturated that it’s resistant to oxidation from air or sunlight. In other words, it has a very long shelf life. Studies affirm that cannabinoids placed into an MCT-based solution stay ‘fresh’ even when subjected to large amounts of heat and sunlight [2]

 A growing body of research shows that MCT oil is also super healthy. It’s capable of resisting oxidative wear-and-tear whether it’s sitting on the shelf of a retail store or providing structure to your cellular membranes. MCT oil and coconut oil also have pro-metabolic, pro-thyroid, and pro-skin health qualities. [3]

In layman’s terms, MCT oil’s ability to resist oxidation and ward off harmful microbes means it’s the perfect carrier oil for CBD…and the perfect dietary fat for us. 

Is your CBD oil still good? Here’s how to tell

Are you having a hard time determining if your CBD oil is still good?

If you’re working with fiveTM’s CBD oil, making the right call is easy. Just look on the side of your CBD oil bottle or under it and you’ll find its expiration date!

And if you still have any uncertainties, just taste the CBD oil in question. If it tastes good it’s probably still good…but if it tastes bitter or ‘spoiled,’ then it’s probably time to order a new bottle. Simple enough, right?

How to find your product’s expiration date

All fiveTM CBD products have a QR code on their label. Just scan this code with your phone to be taken to a webpage showing the product’s COA, or certificate of analysis. Each COA lists an expiration date for the product in question. Generally speaking, each new batch of products will have a new expiration date. 

How to get your CBD oil to last longer

If you want your CBD oil to last as long as possible, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that may help. 


  • Keep your CBD oil tightly sealed 
  • Keep your CBD oil in its original packaging
  • Keep your CBD oil in a dark, room-temp location
  • Keep your CBD oil out of direct sunlight and/or intense heat 


  • Keep your CBD oil in your car 
  • Touch your CBD oil’s dropper to your hands or tongue
  • Keep your CBD oil on a windowsill or in other sunny areas
  • Leave your CBD oil bottle open for an extended period of time

Summing things up

At five CBD we’re all about providing you with the freshest, purest, most potent hemp extracts on the market today. We do everything we can to keep hemp’s best ingredients fresh as they make the journey from our farm to your table (or your car or desk or hiking bag). 

If you haven't already, discover the five difference for yourself today. We think you’ll find that our CBD’s combo of powerful terpenes and ultra-pure MCT oil is a winner when it comes to product freshness.

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