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Need to kick back and unwind? Get back to the center? Get your vibe up? If so, Full spectrum CBD + THC could be the perfect natural solution. It activates your body’s endocannabinoid system for a difference you can feel. Experience natural upliftment today. Because let’s face it: we all need a little help sometimes.

thc+cbd seltzer

variety (all 3 flavors) . 6 pack

2mg CBD / 2mg THC


cbd+thc gummies

daily buzz . 20ct

500mg CBD / 100mg THC


Full Spectrum CBD+THC Gummies
cbd+thc gummies

original . 20ct

500mg CBD / 40mg THC


Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil
cbd+thc oil

mint chocolate . 1500mg

1500mg CBD / 60mg THC


Full Spectrum CBD+THC Gummies
cbd+thc gummies

sour . 20ct

500mg CBD / 40mg THC


Full Spectrum CBD+THC Chocolates
cbd+thc chocolates

sea salt dark chocolate . 10ct

500mg CBD / 20mg THC


Full Spectrum CBD+THC Liquid Capsules
cbd+thc liquid capsules

original . 30ct

1500mg CBD / 60mg THC


Let's face it: life can be stressful. Sometimes super stressful.

But that's what CBD is for. This hemp-derived compound activates your body's inner balance so powerfully that you almost can't help but kick back and unwind.

It's true — while people give CBD credit for a lot of different things, what we should really be talking about is its incredible ability to reduce stress. CBD's ability to reduce stress is actually what gives it such a wide variety of other health benefits!

CBD can also be used to replace less-than-healthy relaxation techniques. (And by techniques, we mean having one too many beers or way too many smoke breaks.) Unlike these other substances, it offers relaxation without harmful side effects.

But not all CBD products are created equal. The most relaxing CBD products out there will all have a few things in common. They'll be:

  • Full spectrum
  • True-to-nature
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by real customers
  • Tested by independent labs
  • Made in a standardized facility

five™'s products check all the boxes — and then some. One of our goals at five™ is to make relaxation accessible to all. How are we doing it? By creating affordable, effective, delicious CBD products, that's how!

Check out the list below and you'll see what we mean.

  • Daily Buzz CBD+THC Gummies
  • Original CBD+THC Gummies
  • CBD+THC Sour Gummies
  • Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil
  • Full Spectrum Dark Chocolate
  • Full Spectrum CBD+THC Capsules

Be sure to check out our Daily Buzz Gummies if relaxation is what you're after. They have ‘Buzz' in the name for a reason! These gummies are packed with 5 milligrams of THC each — the maximum amount allowable by law, and enough to have you buzzing and blissful.

Regardless of which five™ product (or products) you choose, you can rest easy knowing it was designed to propel you straight into relaxation mode. You may have tried CBD before, but you haven't tried CBD like this.

cbd for relaxing q&a.

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the hemp plant's most powerful ingredient. It's also the ingredient that gives our relax products their power. CBD activates specialized receptors located throughout your body's endocannabinoid system, resulting in a tangibly more balanced you. Don't be surprised when this balance turns into calmness!

All of our relax products are truly full spectrum. (All our other products are, too!) Translation? They stay as true to nature's original design as possible.

That includes staying true to nature's intent. Our products feature a 5:1 ratio of CBD:other cannabinoids, including THC, CBG, CBN, CBDa, THCa, and more. And that's not even mentioning the terpenes and flavonoids that work together with everything else. In simple terms, full spectrum CBD just got even better.

They sure can! Many people feel tangibly calmer when they try CBD for the first time. All that's needed to make this sense of calmness your new normal is to dial in your perfect dose. Studies show that CBD may shut down the production of stress hormones like cortisol, too. [1] Don't be surprised if you start feeling calmer within minutes (particularly if you opt for a fast-acting CBD + THC Seltzer).

CBD is good for relaxation in general. That means the best products for relaxation are probably the ones you enjoy using the most! Among the highlights are CBD + THC Gummies, CBD + THC Chocolates, and our new CBD + THC Seltzers. You might not need to take as much as you think — just a few milligrams of CBD can tangibly reduce your stress levels.

All of our relax products are tested to ensure they contain all the good stuff they're supposed to . . . and none of the bad stuff they're not. You can easily check your product's Certificate of Analysis on our website.

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You may have tried CBD before, but you have not tried anything like this.

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